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acting, antiloop, assassins creed, astrology, astronomy, beethoven, black lights, brandi, britney spears, calgon, call of duty, candles, cappuccino, care bears, children of bodom, classical music, dead like me, depeche mode, drum and bass, electronic music, faeries, fall out 3, farmville, fictional, franka potente, funker vogt, glow sticks, go, gto, habbo hotel, house, jack off jill, knai, late night phone calls, laura, love, lucky, madonna, marilyn manson, mark, mark ryden, marmalade boy, mass effect, middle east, mike, mohawks, my ruin, oblivion, photographs, photography, pink, princess and the warrior, punisher war zone, queen adreena, rave music, ravenous, raves, rilakkuma, roseanne, rubber bracelets, run lola run, röyksopp, samurai champloo, san-x, saved by the bell, scarling, sea monkeys, selena, shopping, shrunken heads, sissyfight, sixteen candles, skulls, smell this, snail mail, snake river conspiracy, stars, stickers, stitches, stripes, tamagotchi, tatu, techno, telescopes, the breakfast club, the golden girls, the goonies, the outsiders, the punisher, the sims, the wonder years, trance, urban legends, utena, vnv nation, world of warcraft, worlds player, ,

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